Malaysia: GoPro Adventures on Langkawi Island

Our time in Langkawi was full of relaxing days, secluded beaches, and outrageous sunsets. We captured our favorite moments in the GoPro video below. For the sake of efficiency, we’re going to keep this post short with our biggest takeaways and memories from Langkawi Cliffs Notes style! 

Our Langkawi Takeaways:

Transportation: We reached Langkawi Island from Penang by ferry. I was picturing a nice, picturesque jaunt across the ocean. WRONG. It was a rocking and rolling, puke-filled (not us, but countless other people on the boat) three hour long ride hurdling over 10 foot swells. We made it, sigh of relief….

Vibe: Langkawi can get a bad wrap for being too touristy, which it can be, but it’s a blast finding secluded waterfalls and beaches on your nifty rented motorbike (renting a motorobike is the easiest, most affordable way to get around the island). We loved the Seven Well Waterfalls, Beach of Skulls, and Tanjung Rhu Beach where we got to slide down natural rock waterfall slides and enjoy empty, picturesque beaches. We’re also always down for ultra touristy finds like beach bars and duty free shopping. #noshame

Activity: Our favorite activity was our jet ski island hopping tour. Boy, was it an adventure! Remember those 10 foot waves we ferried over? Well, we still had some big bad waves to face on our jet ski. We may have gone airborne 1 or 7 times, almost capsized, and our instructor’s jet ski broke down in open water and had to be towed back to shore, but it was a damn good time. All of the beautiful islands surrounding us didn’t hurt either!  It’s worth noting that you can also do an island hopping tour by boat which is considerably cheaper, but this was our splurge activity in Langkawi and we highly recommend it!

Nature: Those cheeky, cheeky monkeys. We thought monkeys were SO cute…until we got to Asia. Turns out they are CHEEKY. They can, AND WILL, chase you, growl at you with their big fangs, and steal your shoes. We had our first encounter with said monkeys at the Seven Wells Waterfall where they were determined to steal our backpack off of Johnny’s back. Luckily, Johnny won the fight and we still have our backpack. (applause)

Accommodations: We stayed at Tubotel Hostel and Cenang Plaza Beach Hotel. Tubotel, where you literally stay inside a bright colored cement tube that is perfectly sized for only a bed, had one of the best views we’ve ever experienced at a hotel (much less a hostel), but the tight quarters of living in a tube definitely had a 2 night max. Cenang Plaza Beach Hotel was an unreal value for the money. At $50/night it’s right in the thick of things at Cenang Beach, has direct beach access, an attentive staff, a private balcony and clean rooms.

Food: Tomato Nasi Kandar is the local joint to hit up in Langkawi. They have a massive menu full of local bites and it’s pretty darn good. We also had a delicious salad and pasta at The Red Tomato (why are all the restaurants named after tomatoes?!). This spot has a really cute outdoor patio with plants and lounging cats. You also shouldn’t miss Yellow Cafe while in Langkawi. It’s a great place to grab dinner, watch the sunset, and have a beer while lounging in bean bags on the beach. They also had an american style burger which made me so, so happy.  What more could you ask for?!


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