Hiking Table Mountain GoPro Video


Our first big adventure in Cape Town was hiking Table Mountain. We decided to keep it legit by hiking the India Venster Trail rather than the cable car or go-to Platteklip Gorge hike to the top. It literally took a bit of blood, sweat, and tears, but we did it! It was a challenging, but unbeatable day. The best part was that we got to tackle this hike with two of our favorite people, Jeff and Catherine. They are also on an around the world trip, which rules. 

  • This hike is some serious team building. Pick some trustworthy and fun friends to take it on with.
  • 4 was a great number for helping each other climb. 
  • By “moderate scrambling”, it really means actually doing some rock climbing so mentally prepare for that.
  • Download maps.me (which rules in general) and pin the trail before starting this hike. 
  • Take the cable car down. Going up is pretty insane, we couldn’t even mentally process what going down would be like.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for locals free climbing the face of the mountain. 

10 Comments on “Hiking Table Mountain GoPro Video

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  2. Wow, you really hit the mark on that visit. I have to admit that I took the cable car to the top do Table Mt, so I commend you on the hike. Remind be to tell you my haunted vineyard story from Stoellenbosch sometime; glad you got to see that a Boulders Beach. I would go back to Capetown in a heartbeat, as it sound like you would as well. No rapists on every corner; can’t believe everything the internet tells you.

    • We can’t wait to hear the haunted vineyard story! We can only imagine how creepy that is as you’re so isolated out there! Yes, we would love to go back to Cape Town soon too!! True, we had the BEST experiences with the people in Cape Town!

  3. Live and love every moment! Thank you for sharing you adventures! Missing you at Drummond! Bring your friends up we would love to hear their stories also. Hugs!

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