Five Reasons I was Meant to be European

As we’re wrapping up our time in Amsterdam, we are spending some time reflecting on our two weeks here and our past travels to Europe. Turns out, there are a few things that just speak to me. Here are the five reasons I’m pretty sure I was meant to be European.

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  1. Meat and Cheese…All Day, Everyday

Although my American friends and family make fun of me for ordering everything plain, my European spirit friends have it all figured out. When in the land of bomb meats and cheeses you don’t need that other fluff (tomatoes, pickles, lettuce) and it’s superior to that “with everything” B.S. The three main food groups are: meat, cheese, and baguette. Europe, you speak my language.

  1. An Appropriate Appreciation for Gin & Tonics

G&Ts are the favorite drink of the Queen of England…and me. The G&T gets some serious respect over here. You can find elevated gin and tonics everywhere (like G&Ts with pepper and grapefruit you muddle yourself) and bars that refuse to stoop to the level of making their G&Ts with cheap, well gin. All hail the G&T!!

  1. No Loose Sheets

Free the feet!!! After 28 years of suffocating my feet with tucked in loose sheets at home and hotels. FINALLY, bedding gets me. All of our Airbnb’s went sans loose sheet and focused on an extra fluffy, soft comforters. Clearly, ahead of the curve.

  1. No Veggies, Just Fries

Fish and Chips (FRIES) in London. Steak and Frites (FRIES) in Paris. Straight up FRY ONLY stands in Amsterdam. Enough said. Technically, potatoes are a veggie right???

  1. It’s Always Picnic (& Wine) Time

Despite many of the cities not allowing open container in public, you can’t slow down the picnic vibe. In the parks and along the river in London you’ll find friends enjoying street food with cans of gin and tonic. Under the Eiffel Tower, extensive cheese spreads are enjoyed with bottles of wine. In Prague, you can enjoy a beer while peddle-boating. In Amsterdam, parks and canals are lined with trendy groups enjoying Heineken (and perhaps their recent purchase from a nearby coffeeshop). Power to the people, ya heard.

*Drinking outside is illegal in Paris and Amsterdam, though doesn’t appear to be strictly enforced (or at all). Still, don’t say we didn’t warn you!


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