Feeling all of the feels on this chilly Wednesday morning! We finished up our “around the world” GoPro and are loving reminiscing about our big trip. This 3 minute (okay, it’s actually 3 minutes and 28 seconds) video captures some of our favorite moments from the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, South Africa, United, Read More

We were super pumped to finally make it to the Thai Islands. We had a blast riding in long boats, relaxing on the beaches, and swimming in the turquoise water while visiting Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta. Here is our GoPro recap of our time in the Thai Islands! Enjoy! 

While planning our trip, everything we read and heard about Southeast Asia focused on Thailand and then tacked on countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos as somewhere you might as well visit when you’re in the area without giving much detail. We also read A LOT of negative things about Vietnam focusing on how, Read More

As we boarded our plane from Malaysia to Bangkok, Thailand we were extremely excited to see a country we had heard so much about. We can sum up our time in Thailand with 3 words: kindness, laughter, and weird shit. Bangkok and Chiang Mai were full of many unexpected experiences, but also many adventures we’ll, Read More

Our time in Langkawi was full of relaxing days, secluded beaches, and outrageous sunsets. We captured our favorite moments in the GoPro video below. For the sake of efficiency, we’re going to keep this post short with our biggest takeaways and memories from Langkawi Cliffs Notes style! 

After eating our way through Kuala Lumpur, we decided to take the 4 hour bus ride to Cameron Highlands for some outdoor adventure. We’re so glad we did! We had the best day exploring Cameron Highlands with our guide, Appu, from Discover Camerons, a free-lance tour company in the Highlands. Appu filled our day with, Read More

  Our first big adventure in Cape Town was hiking Table Mountain. We decided to keep it legit by hiking the India Venster Trail rather than the cable car or go-to Platteklip Gorge hike to the top. It literally took a bit of blood, sweat, and tears, but we did it! It was a challenging, but unbeatable, Read More