Traveling around the world comes with some of the best memories and some of the most thrilling. We decided to hold off on this blog post until we had safely been home for awhile so that our moms didn’t have to spend the rest of our trip freaking out about our safety. When we, Read More

Long weekends, like MLK Weekend, are an awesome time to getaway on a quick vacation. Since we just returned from our trip and Johnny just started work, we had to sit this one out, but that’s not going to stop us from reminiscing about our favorite warm(er) weather long weekends accessible from the good, Read More

After arriving back in the wonderful, but dreadfully cold USA we got to see all of our family and friends that we missed so much. The first question EVERYONE asked us (after exclaiming, “you made it back alive!!”) was, “which place was your favorite?!” As you can imagine, this is a very loaded question, Read More

Feeling all of the feels on this chilly Wednesday morning! We finished up our “around the world” GoPro and are loving reminiscing about our big trip. This 3 minute (okay, it’s actually 3 minutes and 28 seconds) video captures some of our favorite moments from the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, South Africa, United, Read More

Road trips are always the best and our road trip through New Zealand’s South Island was no exception. Below is our GoPro video of our favorite moments from New Zealand! You can check out our blog with the details of our itinerary  by clicking here. 

We were super pumped to finally make it to the Thai Islands. We had a blast riding in long boats, relaxing on the beaches, and swimming in the turquoise water while visiting Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta. Here is our GoPro recap of our time in the Thai Islands! Enjoy! 

Our Southeast Asia circuit continued with a quick 4-night trip to Cambodia where we finally got to see Angkor Wat, the #1 tourist attraction in the world according to Trip Advisor (and Trip Advisor is never wrong, right??). And see Angkor Wat we did, but that wasn’t where it ended. We also downed all, Read More

While planning our trip, everything we read and heard about Southeast Asia focused on Thailand and then tacked on countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos as somewhere you might as well visit when you’re in the area without giving much detail. We also read A LOT of negative things about Vietnam focusing on how, Read More

Our time in Langkawi was full of relaxing days, secluded beaches, and outrageous sunsets. We captured our favorite moments in the GoPro video below. For the sake of efficiency, we’re going to keep this post short with our biggest takeaways and memories from Langkawi Cliffs Notes style! 

Heading into our trip, we were most nervous about visiting Delhi. Everything we read online about Delhi belly, sensory overload, and questionable sanitation left us wary about what we were walking into. But what is the point in quitting your job to travel the world if you’re not going to get out of your, Read More