Traveling around the world comes with some of the best memories and some of the most thrilling. We decided to hold off on this blog post until we had safely been home for awhile so that our moms didn’t have to spend the rest of our trip freaking out about our safety. When we, Read More

Sabiadee! We landed in Laos and were immediately in awe of the mountainous landscape. Our small travel group (me, Johnny, Jeff, and Catherine) instantly felt a lift in our energy as we walked off of our plane excited to explore this country we didn’t know much about. Laos exceeded these expectations and catapulted itself, Read More

Our time in Langkawi was full of relaxing days, secluded beaches, and outrageous sunsets. We captured our favorite moments in the GoPro video below. For the sake of efficiency, we’re going to keep this post short with our biggest takeaways and memories from Langkawi Cliffs Notes style! 

  Our favorite activity while in Delhi was our Old Delhi Food Tour with India Food Tours. This husband and wife duo knows how to get down with the street food in Delhi. Raj (said husband) guided us through some of the best and longest standing street food stops in the Old Delhi neighborhood., Read More