3 Months of Travel: Packing List Update

A lot of things have changed while we’ve been on the road: the weather, customs, our view of other countries, the way we communicate, our priorities, but one of the most tangible things that has changed over the last 3 months has been the items in our backpacks. Let’s take a peak at how our style (or lack there of) has evolved, shall we?
You can check out our original packing list by clicking here.

What We’ve Gotten Rid Of


Those jeans. SO gone. (Photo taken in London)

While in Thailand, we sent home a box of stuff that we just couldn’t stand having in our backpacks any longer to free up space and lighten the weight being carried on our shoulders. Who would have ever thought I’d want less clothes to choose from at the beginning of this trip?! #lookatmenow The box is supposed to take about a month or two to reach home (same, same, but different?) and these were the contents:

Jeans. You only need (and need is a loose term) them in Europe because it helps you fit in with the Westerners. No one wears them anywhere else…and they’re tight, uncomfortable and take up a TON of space in your packs.

Jacket. My annoying, space ruining jacket with gold buttons and a belt went home.

 Infinity scarf with a hidden zipper for my passport. Again, loved this in Europe when I was still paranoid about my passport. Now, I’m less paranoid and don’t need it.

Graphic t-shirt. This went home for two reasons: 1) it made me look like more of a tourist than I already am and 2) it was thick and uncomfortable. Comfort first!!

Cross body purse, which was used about 2 times before being shipped off. Again, this is a great accessory in Europe, but so dumb everywhere else. People don’t carry them in most countries so it just draws attention to you and all the expensive things you might have in it.  (Tip: pack pants, shorts, and tops with zippered pockets so you can still bring your phone and money with you!)

Long sleeve shirt. Johnny sent this home because it’s hot as hell in all of Asia.

Journals. These went home because they are pretty heavy and both of us were recording memories electronically. That being said, since shipping them home, we have had multiple situations in which we’ve needed pieces of paper to jot down thoughts or plans and we’ve been stuck asking our hotel for paper to use.

Things We’ve Barely Used, but Haven’t Ditched


This skirt. LOVE that is keeps me culturally appropriate. HATE how it packs. (Photo taken in India)

Chaco sandals. These have only made it out of our bag for activities like kayaking and light hiking during hot weather.

Convertible maxi skirt/dress. This little number has been good for when I need to cover my knees at temples (India and some of Asia) or throw a dress on over a swimsuit and has been more useful as a skirt than a dress. When I don’t need to cover my knees, it’s heavy and hard to pack.If you’re traveling to a country where you need to cover your knees, I suggest finding a skirt that is very light and easy to pack, mine is not. 🙁

Maxi dress. This is another item that has served it’s purpose when 1) we need to look slightly nicer to get into a restaurant or bar (which has been about once) and 2) I need to cover my knees. Otherwise, a maxi dress has no place in my day-to-day comfort first life and is way too fancy for most places we’ve been.

Camera tripod. We literally haven’t used this, but feel like as soon as we send it home we’ll need it desperately. Life.

Water Bottles. This is a tricky one—we used our water bottles a TON in Europe and South Africa, but couldn’t use them at all once we were in India and Southeast Asia where there isn’t clean water to fill them up. We’ve been reusing a huge plastic water bottle while in New Zealand because it holds more water than our small water bottles. 

Head Lamp. Haven’t used. Haven’t sent home because, ya know, there could still be a power outage?

Makeup. Literally don’t use my make-up, EVER, but the westerner in me can’t part with it/mascara is too expensive to replace as soon as we get home.

What We’ve Bought


Our new jackets to protect us from the SNOW (WWTTFF) at the top of this mountain. (Photo taken in New Zealand)

Johnny bought a hooded fleece and I bought a water resistant coat upon our arrival to New Zealand because we’re not used to this 50-degree weather! No, I don’t regret sending my old jacket home because it would not have been comfortable to hike in.

Johnny bought a sleeping bag liner, which has been an A++++++ purchase that makes for comfortable sleeping in dirty hotels or on trains.

External Hard drive. My computer SO ran out of memory about 2 weeks into this trip and couldn’t even begin to handle storage of our GoPro footage so this was a must!

Laxatives. We’ll spare you the gory details, but diarrhea isn’t the only problem when you’re traveling long term. Sketchy is an understatement when describing most of the pharmacies we’ve been into. So, bring some.

What We’ve LOVED


My all time favorite pants! Why yes, I do wear them almost everyday. (Photo taken in Bangkok)

Sleeping bag liner. Discussed this above, but I have a silk one and Johnny has a cotton one. They are seriously the best when you’re in a hotel/train and sheets are dirty or there’s a critter nearby. Buy one.


GoPro. We use the GoPro ALL the time and have absolutely LOVED documenting our experiences.

Reebok Skyscape Runaround Sneakers. These sneakers are EVERYTHING! They are pretty cute and made of neoprene so I have worn them hiking, out to dinner, and in the water with a wet suit. They are easy to clean, comfortable and VERY lightweight.


Athleta Light Pants. I’ve literally lived in these. They are lightweight, comfortable, and have 2 front zippers for storing anything I want to bring along for our daily adventures.


Maps.me-This wasn’t something we packed exactly, but it’s a navigation map that works offline and has gotten us in and out of road trips, hikes, and everything in between.

Currency converter-This is another app that has been a lifesaver for figuring out how much money we need!

Johnny nailed packing and feels like he uses everything he’s brought pretty equally. His clothes must feel more loved than mine. So, his original clothing packing list was an A+ minus the jeans and one long sleeve t-shirt! 

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