Our Packing List and Tips

One of the most time consuming tasks we had to complete before leaving on our big trip was figuring out what to pack. Packing is much like drinking, choosing a college major, riding a bike etc. you realize you’ll probably nail it the SECOND time around, but since we get to be your guinea pig, you don’t have to learn the hard way!

This post is going to serve as a live document. We will make updates, changes, and notes as our packing list grows (or shrinks!) and changes with our adventures! All changes will be noted in bold or bulleted below our original packing list.

Johnny brought the Tortuga Travel Backpack, which he has really liked so far! No complaints. Stay tuned! He also has been using the Fjall Raven Ovik Shoulder Bag as a daypack for our camera, waterbottles, etc.



I brought the Osprey Fairpoint 55, which has a 13L removable day pack. In theory, this combo seems ideal, but 1) when full and attached, it makes the bag VERY heavy and 2) I’ve prefered to carry around a crossbody purse rather than the 13L backpack during sightseeing. This may change once we’re out of Europe. Again, stay tuned.


Our Packing List

Johnny’s Clothes
-flip flops
-walking shoes/sandals (Chaco Sandals)
-1 pair of jeans
-1 pair of other pants
-3 pairs of shorts (2 khaki, 1 athletic)
-1 swimsuit
-5 t shirts
-1 polo
-1 short sleeve button up
- 2 long sleeve button ups
-1 pull over
-1 rain jacket
-1 long sleeve shirt
-4 athletic socks (2 wool, 2 cotton)
-1 outdoor socks
- 6 pairs of boxers
-1 baseball cap
-1 belt
-1 bandana
-1 pair of sunglasses
Kyle’s Clothes
-tennis shoes
-walking sneakers (I ended up ditching my HEAVY Superga sneakers for Reebok Skyscapes)
-flip flops
-1 pair of Chaco Sandals
-Tieks flats (ditched these before leaving)
-1 pair of jeans
-1 pair of other pants
-1 skirt
-2 pairs of shorts (casual and athletic)
-2 swimsuits (1 piece and 2 piece)
-4 tshirts
-2 tank tops
-3 dresses
-1 zip up
-1 rain jacket
-1 thin long sleeve shirt
-4 athletic socks
-1 outdoor socks
-6 pairs of underwear
-1 sports bra (or lace t-back)
-1 regular bra
-1 baseball cap
-1 bandana
-2 scarves (regular and infinity)
-1 nylon purse
-1 pair of sunglasses
Technology (for both)
-1 MacBook Air (& CHARGER!!)
-2 pairs of headphones
-go pro
-go pro accessories (& CHARGER!!)
-2 iPhone chargers
-2 converters
-1 Canon Camera (& CHARGER!!!)
-iPhone Ollo Clip
-Pocket Juice external charger (if room)
-1 headlamp
-1 iPad
-1 Kindle Fire HD 6
-1 zip drive
-1 unlocked iPhone
Medicine/First Aide
-Diarrhea Prescription Meds
-Malaria Prescription Meds
-Deet repellant (decided to buy on the road as needed)
-Band Aides
-Cold Medicine (dayquil)
Johnny Toiletries
-1 travel toothpaste
- electric shaver / clippers
-shaving cream
-1 Gold Bond
-1 nail clipper
-1 floss
Kyle Toiletries
-1 travel toothpaste
-razor (and pack of blades)
-hair ties
-bobby pins
-1 travel shampoo
-1 travel conditioner
-1 travel body wash
-1 travel lotion
-1 mascara
-1 concealer
-1 bronzer powder and brush (ditched this)
-2 Passports
-2 copies of passports
-ear plugs
-clothesline rope
-international driver’s license (Johnny)
-duct tape (~10 feet rolled over a piece of cardboard)
-2 bag locks
-2 travel inflatable neck pillows
-2 travel towels
-2 water bottles (roll-up kind, not rigid)
-1 silk sheet
-Johnny extra passport photos
-Kyle extra passport photos
-2 journals
-deck of cards
-extra US money
-credit / debit cards (opened new cards with no foreign transaction / ATM fees)
-2 yellow vaccine books
-Old Student ID (Kyle) for discounts for museums
- a few zip lock baggies
- 2 rubber bands


After a few days in London, we are pretty happy with everything, but here are our takeaways so far:

  • After spending a decent amount of money on higher end travel clothes, we both have been happiest with our CHEAPEST tees (so far, we’ll see how they hold up over the next few months). Johnny’s is the Mossimo basic tee (60% cotton, 40% polyester blend) from Target. Mine is this basic tee in a black and white pattern from Old Navy: http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=1036154&vid=1&pid=120172112
  • Although we may change our minds once we are out of Europe, we are both very glad we brought one pairs of jeans. Many people will tell you not to bring jeans because they are heavy and take forever to dry.  We’ll follow-up on that topic as the trip continues, but for now, they have been perfect for sightseeing and grabbing dinner.
  • If you have AT&T, you can unlock your iPhone online now at https://www.att.com/deviceunlock/#/ so don’t bother going into the store for this. kylepacking

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  1. Kyle and Johnny~ I love following you as you explore the world??? I’m praying for your safety! Enjoy!

  2. Nicely done, Mrs. Pineapple! Almost makes me think I could live out of a backpack for months. ??. Seriously, great information!

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