GoPro Video: Around the World in 3 Minutes

Feeling all of the feels on this chilly Wednesday morning! We finished up our “around the world” GoPro and are loving reminiscing about our big trip. This 3 minute (okay, it’s actually 3 minutes and 28 seconds) video captures some of our favorite moments from the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Australia and New Zealand (whew!!). Hope you enjoy! 🙂 


4 Comments on “GoPro Video: Around the World in 3 Minutes

  1. I started following your blog when I saw you post about your trip on Facebook and I’ve loved following your adventures around the world! It’s amazing all that you have seen and experienced on your trip it’s been so much fun to read about it all! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, Jamie!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for following along!

  2. Your three minutes around the world was truly an adventure that most of us dream. A special time for you, Johnny and Kyle!!!!

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