Contrary to the actions of my right arm, which is currently elbow deep in a bag of Haribos, I have been spending a lot of time thinking about how I can make 2017 top notch. The first roadblock to this endeavor was that I hate New Year’s Resolutions, a lot, because:

While traveling full time for the past 4 months, we’ve had a ton of time to learn from the people around us, read, and reflect on our lives here and at home. Here are 7 lessons we learned while traveling that we will take home with us:

We’ve officially been traveling for a little over 2 months, yahoo! Over this time, we’ve experienced different cultures, tried a plethora of foods, made new friends, explored markets, hiked mountains, spent time reading and reflecting, laughed a lot, cried a little, and felt endlessly lucky to be on this adventure together. The graphic below sums, Read More

As we’re wrapping up our time in Amsterdam, we are spending some time reflecting on our two weeks here and our past travels to Europe. Turns out, there are a few things that just speak to me. Here are the five reasons I’m pretty sure I was meant to be European.