After arriving back in the wonderful, but dreadfully cold USA we got to see all of our family and friends that we missed so much. The first question EVERYONE asked us (after exclaiming, “you made it back alive!!”) was, “which place was your favorite?!” As you can imagine, this is a very loaded question, Read More

We’ve officially been traveling for a little over 2 months, yahoo! Over this time, we’ve experienced different cultures, tried a plethora of foods, made new friends, explored markets, hiked mountains, spent time reading and reflecting, laughed a lot, cried a little, and felt endlessly lucky to be on this adventure together. The graphic below sums, Read More

Hello! Welcome to our blog! We are Kyle and Johnny Buchta – two born and bred midwestern kids who have a serious case of the travels. While Johnny has had a flair for adventure since he was a young boy, Kyle has just recently graduated from her status as queen-of-the-creatures-of-habit in the last few years. Johnny, Read More