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Hello! Welcome to our blog! We are Kyle and Johnny Buchta – two born and bred midwestern kids who have a serious case of the travels. While Johnny has had a flair for adventure since he was a young boy, Kyle has just recently graduated from her status as queen-of-the-creatures-of-habit in the last few years. Johnny discovered his love for travel during service trips to Costa Rica and Cameroon during college, while Kyle was bitten by the travel bug post-college when she moved to the “big city” of Chicago and soon discovered how much she loved surrounding herself with new sights, sounds, foods, and experiences. After graduating, we quickly checked off our “American Dream” boxes… get married (check!), buy a house (check!), get a dog (check! Hi June!), work as a banker (check!), work as a teacher (check!), but found ourselves ready for more adventure and less predictability. Since traveling as much as possible using our vacation time wasn’t doing the trick for us, we’re taking the plunge and ditching our 9-5ers for an around-the-world adventure!  So, the plan is there isn’t much of a plan–here goes nothing! Thanks for following our adventures! 

Note: All opinions in this blog are our own!

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