If you had asked either of us which city we were most excited for on this trip, Cape Town was always the answer. After spending five incredible nights there with our best friends, Jeff and Catherine, we can now confidently say that it lived up to, and exceeded, all expectations and stands as one, Read More

  Our first big adventure in Cape Town was hiking Table Mountain. We decided to keep it legit by hiking the India Venster Trail rather than the cable car or go-to Platteklip Gorge hike to the top. It literally took a bit of blood, sweat, and tears, but we did it! It was a challenging, but unbeatable, Read More

Amsterdam ranks as one of our new favorite European cities. It’s lively and chill, trendy and welcoming, chic and casual, all in one pretty little box. If you’re from Chicago, Wicker Park is Amsterdam’s jealous younger sibling. Here are some things we loved about “the dam”. 

As we’re wrapping up our time in Amsterdam, we are spending some time reflecting on our two weeks here and our past travels to Europe. Turns out, there are a few things that just speak to me. Here are the five reasons I’m pretty sure I was meant to be European.

Four Days in Paris Paris was our second stop on our RTW trip. The French architecture with shuttered windows and flower boxes, walks along the Seine River, and cafés full of two-top tables gives Paris a charm that sets it aside from the hubbub of London.

London on a Budget As our first stop on our RTW adventure, we committed to doing London (one of our most expensive destinations) on a tight budget. We found an Airbnb for about $120 a night, took advantage of all the free museums that London has to offer, and kicked it old school with, Read More

One of the most time consuming tasks we had to complete before leaving on our big trip was figuring out what to pack. Packing is much like drinking, choosing a college major, riding a bike etc. you realize you’ll probably nail it the SECOND time around, but since we get to be your guinea, Read More

Our second stop on our first trip to Italy was Florence. Florence was by far our favorite part of our trip. From the food to the wine to the architecture, Florence stole our hearts. Here are a few of our favorite Florence moments.

Hawaii was home to our honeymoon adventures. Kauai gave us a chance to relax and take in the Jurassic Park scenery. Read more to learn about what we loved about Kauai!