Infographic: 2 Months of Travel

We’ve officially been traveling for a little over 2 months, yahoo! Over this time, we’ve experienced different cultures, tried a plethora of foods, made new friends, explored markets, hiked mountains, spent time reading and reflecting, laughed a lot, cried a little, and felt endlessly lucky to be on this adventure together. The graphic below sums up our 2 months on the road! 


6 Comments on “Infographic: 2 Months of Travel

  1. Proud of and happy for you guys…great that you’re getting to do all of this…not believing that myth that you’ll do all the traveling after retirement. I assume you heard that you’re an uncle again Johnny..we’re all pretty excited that Ron has a week old nascent Packer fan named Jack.

    • Thanks so much! Yes, we heard the wonderful news about Jack! So exciting! We can’t wait to meet him when we get home!!!

  2. Haha I had some of these same thoughts when I studied abroad. We came across a Pizza Hut once and were all so happy for 1 Americanized meal!

    Have fun!!!

    • haha love it!! Pizza Hut or Dominoes are always an exciting find! Thanks girl!!

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